can you do a writing assignment on a graduate level 1

This is a Graduate level assignment; while we are not looking for a specific number of words in your answers we do have the expectation that you will fully develop your conclusions. Your work does not need to be constructed to a particular writing style, such as APA; you do not need to indicate references.

Part 1

You are the chief of police of a suburban agency of 50,000 residents. The former chief had been in the position for nearly twenty years and believed that appropriate communication with the community was via the community’s elected representatives—the city council. You see a need to broaden the range of community contact. List and briefly describe at least five programs that you might consider that would accomplish this purpose. Instructor’s note: feel free to customize this question to the area in which you live or work. There are differences between large, medium and small agencies; your responses make for interesting Discussion Board postings.

Part 2

You are the chief of police of a suburban agency with 50,000 residents.

Twenty years ago—before you had even joined the department as a patrol officer—the previous chief had created four community policing specialist positions. He divided the city into quadrants, assigning a specialist to each. The police department, city manager, city council, and citizens in general have been satisfied with the contribution of the community policing specialist roles, and strongly desire to continue those roles.

However, a disturbing trend has developed since the last election, which saw a two-thirds turnover in city council seats. New council members have taken to directly calling the respective community policing specialists as a problem arises in their ward. Although this has led to quick resolution of some problems, issues have arisen with regard to some requests.

You are aware that most police chiefs require all requests from city council members to come through their office. List the pros and cons of allowing city council members to directly contact “their” community policing specialists. Identify briefly the policy alternatives available to you as chief of police.