can you do a writing assignment one page or less

Must be at least one page. No plagiarism please. Teacher wants it in our own words. The writing assignments should be an explanation and analysis of everyone’s independent opinions and research results.

Chapter 12 Writing Assignment

What do you think is the strongest explanation for why correctional officers will sometimes let an inmate get away with breaking the rules? What ethical dilemmas are faced daily by correctional officers that might inform their decisions on whether or not to allow rule breaking? What ethical dilemmas faced by treatment staff do you feel are the hardest to deal with? Use concrete examples to defend your positions.

Chapter 14 Writing Assignment

Misconduct while interrogating issues revolve around the ethical ambiguity that is often used by government agents on the frontlines of the war on terror. Issues also revolve around possible responses to unethical behaviors that arise from that ethical ambiguity. What are the differences and similarities between utilitarianism and the human rights-based model of policing? Provide examples. Which model do you feel is more effective? Why? Is there a model that you find even more effective than the two provided? Support your position with concrete examples and details.