Captain Vere argues that Billy Budd must hang

Captain Vere argues that Billy Budd must hang Examine the passage in which Captain Vere argues that Billy Budd must hang. Discuss the argument that Melville is implicitly making in this speech, analyze how Vere arrived at that decision and posit how an earlier figure studied in this course would have felt about Vere’s argument. Or Analyze how Emerson’s call for œthe Poet (in his essay œThe Poet and in his letter to Whitman) is either fulfilled or not by Whitman’s actual poetry. Or Dickinson emphasizes the organizing power of the eye to make œsense of the external world. Beginning with a careful explication of a couple of her poems, discuss this concept and its importance to two other works we studied this spring. Or Discuss why Dimmesdale’s public apology acts as expiation; how and why does it resolve the tensions within the novel and how and why does it differ from Emerson’s argument that he does not intend to œexpiate? Or These authors have quite strong visions of the appropriate relation between man and society as well as questions about man’s relation to his God. Illuminate two of the writers by comparing and contrasting their views, supporting your arguments with their words and the structure of their works.

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