Career Fairs

Cover Letter & Resume: Career Fairs The cover letter and resume are targeted to a specific job for which you might apply. Your resume and cover letter will be graded and comments for improvement will be provided for you. If you wish to receive more feedback and improve your grade, you can revise and re-submit your resume and cover letter at a later date. Find a job posting for an engineering internship, co-op, or full-time position that you are interested in. Copy the job posting into a Word doc. Remove any extra lines or formatting problems, so the posting is easy to read. Reference the attached supporting materials œJob Description Don’t and œJob Description Format for an example of cleaning up the formatting. The samples are pdf files; your submission will be in a Word file. Create your resume and cover letter, targeted to the specific job posting that you found. As a reference, use information from the E&T Career Services website and information from their in-class presentation. Submit your job posting, cover letter, and resume, in that order. BOTH hard and soft copies must be submitted. Soft copy: submit the job posting, cover letter, and resume in a single Word doc, as an attachment to this assignment; due September 17, 10:15am. Each section should begin on a new page. In other words, no page should contain the job posting and part of the cover letter, or the cover letter and part of the resume. Hard copy: a printed version of your soft copy submission. Due September 17, 10:40am. For the hard copy submission, staple your papers together before class, with the job posting on top, then the cover letter, followed by the resume. Loose or paper-clipped papers are not accepted, and class time will not be used to hunt for staplers. Both hard and soft copies are required by the stated due date and times, for your assignment to be considered submitted on time.

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