Career research and reflection exercise

1a) Name the career field or specific job of interest

1b) What do you know about your skills and abilities that make this a good career choice for you to pursue?

1c) Do you currently have a network for this field? If so, how can you maximize this network. If not, what can you do to start building relationships?

2) If you pursue this career, what effects (benefits and challenges) might it have on your:

a) Personal life?

b) Family life?

c) Community life?


3) What are the most important things you’ve learned about this career?

4) What have you learned about the preparation required for this career?

5) What have you learned about the type of work (on the job activities) associated with this


6) Are there any additional questions you need to investigate?

7) How does administrative law relate to your career interest?

Make sure to cite your references and list all of the career websites you utilized to gain information.

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