Carless death and mass shootings

Carless death and mass shootings  or the Final Research Paper, you will use all of your developing skills in summary, analysis and synthesis to develop and pursue your own line of inquiry by embarking on an extended investigation into a literary text. Your analysis of a primary text will be informed and complicated by the work of other experts in the field, as well as research into the social-historical context in which the primary text was set and/or written. The end product will be a thoughtful, critical, and persuasive thesis-driven article about the meaning, power, and/or structure of a literary text supported through literary analysis and supported and/or complicated by secondary sources. 6-7 page research-based essay 1-2 primary sources 4-5 secondary sources (3 of which must be scholarly/peer reviewed) My argument for essay: Bring about the carless death of the child in Robert Frost poem “Out,Out” and relate it to carless school shootings