Carmichael and king speeches

Description Essay Assignment for Stokely Carmichael’s 1966 Berkeley Speech and Martin Luther King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail This essay will require you to do a comparative analysis of Stokely Carmichael’s 1966 Berkeley Speech and Martin Luther King’s Letter. Although a superficial reading of these texts would suggest that our writers are fundamentally opposed in their assumptions, positions, and solutions, it is important to recognize that each shares important similarities in their perception of the racial tension that dominates American life and their criticisms of the white moderate. In fact, later in his career, King will come to adopt some of the anti-war ideas that we find articulated in Carmichael’s speech. To what extent should King and Carmichael be understood as opposed, and to what extent should they be understood as similar? Your essay should explore one or more common themes in each text and develop an argument based on your analysis. Whatever your position, you will need to carefully qualify your argument to be sure that it accurately reflects the complex relationship between these texts. Close analysis of specific, related quotations should form the foundation of your argument. This should include a detailed consideration of the actual language of our texts, their assumptions, their evidence, and their rhetorical strategies. Essays should be 1250 words in length and formatted in MLA format. The final draft of the essay will be turned in via Canvas and must be submitted before the submission window closes. No essays turned in after the grace period will be accepted.