Case study: Portugal- the country that wants more imigrant, from legal perspective

case study: Portugal- the country that wants more imigrant, from legal perspective


Paper details:

The topic of the paper must have a legal character, i.e. it must analyze a specific issue from a legal point of view, using legal methods and legal arguments. Multidisciplinary elements are of course relevant (in various ways depending on the issue analyzed), but the primary focus of the analysis must be legal. The topic selected must not be too broad, in order for you to be able to give a sufficiently detailed description of the issue and develop a critical analysis of it. The paper must start with a table of contents, listing the subject matter of the paragraphs followed by the page numbers. At the end of the paper there must be a bibliography containing a list of secondary sources (books and articles) arranged in alphabetical order of the author(s) (surname + initials); in case of a significant list of materials, you can also add a list of legislative measures, case law and/or websites. Footnotes must be inserted at the end of the page; they must contain all relevant data of citations in the text and of references to official legal documents (legislation, case law, etc.); they must also refer to the secondary sources that have been used in preparing the paper. for citation As a general rule, for books you must indicate the initial and surname of the author, the title of the work, the year of publication (and edition) and the name of the publisher; the place of publication is also recommended. For articles, in addition to the data on the author, the title of the article and the journal, you must specify the year, the number of the volume (if available) and the relevant pages.