Casuse and effect

Cause and effect essay Topic Suggestion: Causes/Effects of (Invention) anything that leds to a cause and effect Write a thesis that focuses the paper on causes, effects, or both. •Personally, I would suggest one or the other for simplicity, but that is up to you. 2.Chose an organizational pattern •Chronological or emphatic? Make sure you are consistent! 3.Use language that hints at the complexity of cause-effect relationships. •Avoid absolute language; try “most likely,” etc. As a reminder, all your essays at this point need to be written in a formal, academic style. That means: •No first or second person (I, me, my, we us, our, you, yours, etc.) •No contractions or abbreviations (unless the abbreviation is an acronym that is more well known than the full name of the organization, e.g. NASA, CDC, FBI, etc.) •No fragments (intentional or otherwise) •Fewer exclamation points & overt displays of excitement/bias •No slang/nonstandard spellings of words (till, nite, etc.) •Avoid starting sentences with FANBOYS contractions (Chances are, you can join these sentences to the sentences before to improve flow) •Avoid unnecessary verys and reallys. There are more precise words you can use. Stay focused on the purpose of your analysis. Why are these causes/effects important? •Purpose and audience are key, as usual. 2.Adapt content and tone to your purpose and readers. •Do you need to use alternate vocab to avoid jargon? 3.Think rigorously about causes and effects. •Don’t be satisfied with easy answers! You may want to use some research to find out some less common causes/effects of your topic.