COMM1085 Communication Skills

COMM1085 Communication Skills

Write a research paper on one of the following topics.  You are free to take any position on the topic, but you must support the information you provide with 3-4 credible sources: COMM1085 Communication Skills

A comparison of the fashion trends in your generation and those of one before yours

The representation of race in popular media

The need for stricter laws regarding safe driving in Ontario

The impact of legalizing marijuana in Canada

The paper must be:

Based on 3-4 reliable sources from books, newspapers, journals, magazines, or electronic media (the LRC databases are guaranteed to be reliable)

The paper must include:

Cover page (Include the course number for the course you are supplementing)
Complete report or essay
References in appropriate documentation format (usually APA) COMM1085 Communication Skills


Make sure your paper adheres to the report format as taught in COMM1085 (see APA@Conestoga in the LRC or Learning Commons websites). This includes:
Consistent documentation style (APA or IEEE) for both in-text and end references (whichever was taught in your section of COMM1085).


When you have completed your report, go to the Communications Supplementals eConestoga course that you have been registered in.  Go to the Assignments tab and find the folder for COMM1085.  You can submit your report as you would for any other course.


Please note your turnitin report and edit your report if necessary.  You can edit your paper and resubmit it to the same folder.  The paper will be graded after the due date or whenever you email Suzanne Rintoul to let her know it is ready for grading.  You can send her an email using the course mail.


This report will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

Clear audience and purpose

Focused thesis and logical organization

Complete development and supporting evidence

Clear and effective style and voice

Correct documentation and referencing

Correct grammar, sentence structure, and mechanics