21st Century Educational Technology

21st Century Educational Technology

For 21st Century Educational Technology, Please write a 4-5 page paper.

State your own definition of the 21st-century learner and what it means to be literate in the 21st century.

Expand this thinking globally and what we can do as a country to increase our achievement in the area of technology.

What are some of the barriers that can delay our progress? As you brainstorm ideas, consider our national, state, and local school technology standards.

You will find some great  written and oral communication rubrics.

The VALUE rubrics were developed by teams of faculty experts representing colleges and universities across the United States.

this is through a process that examined many existing campus rubrics and related documents for each learning outcome and incorporated additional feedback from faculty.

These are a must view for those trying to find protocols that allow students and teachers to practice Communication skills.

classroom rules in 21st Century Educational Technology

Establish, display, teach and repeat your classroom rules and procedures when using devices.

Students should be clear on their expected behavior and how to handle arising technology use issues.

To help create this structure, number each device.

Students will have a sense of ownership, and the numbering assists with technology support communications.