ceramics 101 1

1. In response, please draw (either with paper and pencil or on a screen via illustrator or photoshop) 5 stamp designs. If one was to print out the stamp, we should be able to trace it with carbon paper and carve it into clay. Therefore, make the sizes appropriate. Indicate on what kind of structure you would imprint your stamp.

2. Please draw 2 slab built designs that you would be interested in making. You may do this with paper and pencil or drafted on a computer. Please include proportions, measurement, texture or design details, color, etc. Imagine you are presenting/bidding this design to a ceramic manufacturing company that would earn you big bucks if they decided to produce your design on a large scale to sell in a store. In this scenario, imagine your dream store ( perhaps a museum gift shop, Anthropologie, Crate and Barrel, Target, etc).