chapter 6 reading exercise 1

Chapter 6 Reading exercise, please log into text book if needed as the login information has been provided below. Also, each area that’s highlighted on the Reading Assignment sheet has a new set of instructions for those particular set of problems following after, please ensure you are following the tips below and the instructions for each section on the worksheet.

Here are a few recommendations for completing these assignments:

  • Please make sure to carefully read the instructions on the Word document located in the Path. For some of the exercises the textbook has different instructions from the assignment for this course. Each section has a separate set of directions so please follow them and use the textbook.
  • Please answer the questions on the reading exercise document provided (DO NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS ON A SEPARATE DOCUMENT) color code your responses to make it easier to keep track of the responses to the questions.
  • While some questions can be challenging, please note that making an attempt at solving a problem is better than leaving it blank. You will earn some credit for making the attempt, but no credit for an incomplete submission.
  • Please note that the pages prior to where the questions are in the textbook are a useful resource in solving these problems.
  • Please note that some of the instructions limit the types of answers that you can provide.

I hope this information helps! Please reach out in the Private Forum or Class Forum if additional questions arise.


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