chapter 8 of the sixth extinction kolbert

In Chapter 8 of The Sixth Extinction, Kolbert talks about the cyclical nature of our planet’s temperature. Over millions of years, it’s been hot, then cold, then hot again, and so on, so warming trends are nothing new. Why, then, if this has happened before, is our current warming trend so concerning to scientists? Be sure to use evidence from the chapter to support your ideas!

Kolbert then writes in Chapter 9 that there are so many species in the rainforest — perhaps millions of species — that we don’t even know exist. If that’s the case, do you think it really matters in the long run if a few go extinct? If a species that we don’t even know exists goes extinct? Why or why not? Again, bring in evidence from the text to back up your answer.

P.S. I dont have the text.