Charlottesville Killing: An Act of Terrorism?

Charlottesville Killing: An Act of Terrorism? August 12, 2017, Charlottesville, VA. A man intentionally slammed his car into a group of protesters, killing a woman and injuring others. Watch Cell Phone Video Shows Deadly VA. Crash. As you look at the video, think about other recent attacks on civilians using vehicles as weapons. Consider what you know of the assailants’ mental and emotional make-up at moment of attack. Determine in your own mind if this is domestic terrorism, a hate crime, a crime perpetrated at the spur of the moment. SLP Assignment Does the Charlottesville incident meet the definition of terrorism? Be specific. Which federal and state agencies were involved with this incident? Comment on interagency cooperation. The Department of Homeland Security classifies the Antifa group as domestic terrorists. Is there any evidence that Antifa was involved? If not terrorism, what was it? Remember to back up your statements with facts. While the media (e.g., CNN) and newspapers (e.g., NYT) are informative, they are only reporting the incident. Go directly to the source.