Chicano Literature

Research Proposal Cisneros, The House on Mango Street (1984) Martinez, The Boy Kings of Texas (2012) ( this one interests me) Martinez, Mother Tongue (1990) Ramos, The Ballad of Rocky Ruiz (1993) Rivera, . . . and the earth did not devour him (1971) Rodriguez, Hunger of Memory (1982) ( this one is interesting too) Ruiz de Burton, Who Would Have Thought It? (1872) Valdez, Zoot Suit (1978) Those are the text you can choose. I am more interested in “The Boy Kings of Texas” more specifically in Machismo. If you can write a proposal about Chicanos machismo great! if not, chose topics such as movement, trend, author, etc. I am also interested in criticizing how sometimes all the problems are linked with racial discrimination while most of the issues could be faced in your own country by your own people.