Children and Youth


The essay should answer the question ” How far can the concept of the inter-generational contract contribute to explaining differences in children’s lives over time and space? . Clearly explain the terms used i.e. inter generational contracts. This essay should focus mostly on the developing world but also make some comparison for these inter-generational contacts in the developed world. What do these contracts look like? What exactly do we mean when we talk of these contracts? How do they come about? How do they shape children’s lives and experiences of childhood? the adults around them?. Use clear ethnographic examples to support the argument we are making. The introduction should outline what the argument I am making is about and give an outline of the essay. Use precise and clear language. Simple is always good. No use of thesaurus please. Word it as correctly as possible. Essay should have a clear flow with writing showing in depth knowledge of the topic. No sweeping generalizations. Explain concepts with examples from literature. Use as much as possible, the literature in the uploaded document. Do not cite citations. Cite from original works only. Remember that this is a masters level paper, kindly use appropriate structure, working and empirical and ethnographic evidence to build the case