Chinese New Year effect on the intentional setting

Aster thesis- Chinese New Year effect on the intentional setting we are doing a research on Chinese New York and how it is effect in the international setting based on how many asian population in the country , we have collected data from 65 countries. how it is effect there return of the index, Volatility , trading Volume. Our finding is that investor inattention before the Chinese new York causes trading Volume to go down. Second, we did not find overall index market to goes down. But however when we split it into 3 groups by Asian population . less than 1%, 1%-13%, and 90% + . We found that in the country that has 90%+ population has the statistics significant . Also we look at the Volatility by whole or into 3 groups , we do not find any statistics significant but we were able to find that 4,3,2 days before and after the holiday, we were able to see the negative trend on the coefficient on the regression. On trading volume, we were able to see statistics significant on 2,3,4 days before and after the Chinese New York, using different methods such as breaking the data into 2 groups ranking by high and low by popluation , 3 groups by 1%,1%-13%, and 90% +. Use as much other people research paper as possible, my job is to write a literature review on the research paper and this is a master thesis, literature review examples is in the attached research paper, almost everyone has a literature review , please look at other to write a literature review.