choose an interpersonal conflict from any relationship in your own life it can be a current on going conflict or one from your past

What was the conflict?

Discuss the nature of the conflict by giving a detailed account of the conflict throughout your essay.

You don’t have to provide the exact words of conversations spoken, but you will need to include dialogue (summarizing what was said) and specific action descriptions (of your behavior, & that of the other person) from the conflict to support your analysis and provide your reader with a developed overview of the conflict situation.

Why does / did it exist? What wants or needs were not satisfied?

  • You may also want to consider how culture, listening habits, perception, and/or other factors of communication also played a part in the overall conflict.

What problem behaviors did you and/or the other person engage in during the conflict?

What conflict management style(s) did each of you use during the conflict?

How could this conflict be / have been effectively and successfully resolved?

  • Based on the recommendations of chapter 12 for conflict resolution, as well as the other topics we’ve discussed this semester on how to improve your communication, list at least 3 things in your communication with each other that you and the other person could do / have done differently. Be sure to label them with class terms as applicable.