city states like for example those found in 5th c bce greece are ultimately ungovernable

city states like for example those found in 5th c bce greece are ultimately ungovernable.

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Positive evidence: why the city-state system is not suitable for Greece & why the Greek city-state system failed & the city-state cannot rule in the end

Directions: First, the total disadvantages of democracy under slavery-not adapted to the current development of productive forces (that is, the necessity of centralized power)

Other disadvantages: Democracy under slavery is both a minority and a majority. Only those who meet the requirements of the city-state are eligible to participate in democracy, and these people in turn form the tyranny of the majority. In many cases, the 500-member assembly, a parliament-like institution, will impose restrictions on the ruling officers, making it impossible to execute the decree.

Secondly, this kind of democracy tends to move closer to oligarchy and loses its significance.

Second, the city-state system often represents a small country with a dwarfed political structure. This kind of structure makes many city-states’ political, economic, and military strength not strong, and thus faces extremely severe domestic and foreign situations, and the people’s cohesion is not strong. This caused many city-states to collapse at the touch of a powerful foreign enemy invasion.

Third, the city-state can be regarded as an independent government, and the trend of historical development is the establishment of a unified state. Therefore, it is sooner or later that the city-state system will withdraw from the stage of history.

Counter-proof: The city-state system is theoretically sustainable & the success of the Greek city-state system & the city-state can be ruled

Direction: First introduce an appropriate assumption. Assumptions must be relevant to the history of the time. (Assuming you decide). Next, the legal systems of city-states such as Greece are described in detail. A good legal system is often able to effectively maintain the operation of political machines, which is the key. Secondly, to a certain extent, or in certain historical periods, democracy is recognized by the people. Furthermore, in a good political situation, the city-state system can achieve effective rule based on the advantages of a small area and a small population. Finally, the most important point is that the proposition that the final city-state cannot be ruled. Finding out some long-standing city-states or special cases other than Greece can effectively counter this point.

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city states like for example those found in 5th c bce greece are ultimately ungovernable