class wiki 1

This ‘ClassWiki’ is a collaborative effort by the class, with individual input, for use todevelop an on-line resource on digital project management tools and social networking tools. It will allow the class to enter and communally edit bits of text. A ‘wiki’ is a powerful tool to helpswap ideas and share information on a project.

Each entry should be 2-3 paragraphs in size, with 4-6 sentences each. The format of the existing document should persist for all entries. This must be in your words, not a copy and paste of an on-line description. The format must be:

  • Enter your ClassWiki topic(s) in Calibri 12pt font
  • Start your entry with the name of the site/tool (in Bold and underlined)
  • End the entry with your last name in (in Bold and underlined.)

write an introduction about VK, which is a social media app. vk-live chatting &free calls. I will upload. a sample class wiki here