Clinical Information & Health Information Exchange

Description Within 5-7 pages, please give your thoughts on the “Clinical Information & Health Information Exchange: Two Technologies Come Together at the Moment of Need” article. Regardless of your position, please use research and data to support your thoughts on the topic. Please incorporate different research topics and information we have covered in class to date. Conclude with what your suggestion for how these technologies will play out over the years to come. Please support your research, data, and decisions. Consider things such as where the industry is today, security, interoperability issues, and lack of standards. The following questions must be answered in your paper:1. What type of strain or challenges does storing all of this data for processing pose to the organization. What are some of the solutions?2. We’ve talked about the explosion of HIS pertaining to healthcare. How has the HITECH Act and The Accountable Care Act contributed to this explosion?3. What are the potential positive impacts of clinical analytics on value based healthcare delivery?4. What are the barriers to successful implementation of the Health Information Exchange? How do we overcome them?5. What challenges does interoperability of systems pose on information sharing?6. In your own words, tell me about the outlook of these two technologies over the next three to five years.