Co Ordinates Calculate Some Experimental Data

Co Ordinates Calculate Some Experimental Data

Co Ordinates Calculate Some Experimental Data


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Description Of Graph Paper

Graph paper is a writing paper that is pre-printed with fine lines that make up a squared grid. There are several ways to achieve this, but the grids are often coming with composing of vertical and horizontal lines. The grid lines are used to drawing curves, plotting co-ordinates, calculate some experimental data, and functions of graphs.

Most of the people are familiar with the use of ruled paper that comes up with horizontal lines to write on the paper neatly. In the similar way, grid papers or squared paper provides support to solve your math based problem in two dimensions rather just once.

Suppose you are a student as a beginner, you can use graph paper to visually represent the addition, subtraction, multiplication or division of the numbers. It is easier to use grid paper to draw geometric figures on the XY-plane, maps relation on it rather than ruled paper or blank paper. Finally, any king of graphs such as geometric curve drawing, plotting co-ordinate, any schematic or any drawing that needs to be scale precisely is much easier to do with grid paper.

However, graph paper can also be used for making fun. It is perfect for formatting complex designs such as embroidery design, quilting, interior design, beading and kitting. Grid paper is also a very common tool for making games that has the features of strategic divisions of space for example, most of the character playing games uses graph papers to find out the characters of each other in the relation to the plat, and to the enemies.

Figure. 1. Repeating pattern design in a complex textile by using graph paper.

10 Popular Types Of Printable Graph Paper

There are standard versions of different types of graph papers those are come up with squares. This papers are used to graph mathematics projects such as graphing lines, plotting coordinates or functions, developing symmetrical graphs, repeating designs and science projects such as creating format for experimental outcomes of a problem.

Quad-Ruled Graph Paper

Quad ruled graph paper, also referred to as quadrille paper and is made up with Small Square. This is the ordinary form of graph paper having sparse grid and printed with the colour of grey or light blue from the right to the edge of the graph paper. In general, it has two squares, four squares or five squares inch detail for work in the Canada and U.S. Sparse grid in the metric paper has one square or two squares in each centimetre.

Figure. 2. Quad ruled graph paper

Quad-Ruled Graph Paper With XY-Coordinates

The quad ruled graph paper that has an XY axis is commonly used to plot coordinate in mathematical geometry. The XY coordinates grids are further divided into two ways in the graph paper: half page coordinate grids and full page coordinate grids.

Figure. 3. Half page coordinate grids

Figure. 4. Full page coordinate grid

Millimetre Paper

The millimetre paper template is filled with ten squares grid in each centimetre. This can be used to drawing technical expressions.

Normal-Probability Paper

This is another type of graph paper featured with variable widths of rectangles. This paper is form so that “the graph of the normal distribution function is represented on it by a straight line”. Therefore it can be used to plot the normal probability distribution functions for a straight line.

Engineering Paper

An engineering paper, sometimes referred to as an engineer’s pad, is printed with light green in a traditional manner, a translucent paper. It consists of four squares, five squares or ten squares in each centimetre. The front side of the page shows the faintly lines and on the back side of each page the grid lines are printed. The grid lines do not display the resultant copy of the paper whenever it scanned, so that it allows the work with uncluttered and neat appearance. Some of the engineering professors in the Canada and U.S., they provide the homework to the student that required to be done base on engineering paper. Thesis papers is considering as a general purpose papers. This type of paper templates can be applied in various ways. Most of the engineering students used this template to plotting mathematical functions or expressions.

Figure. 5. Engineering paper

Co Ordinates Calculate Some Experimental Data