COAC216 Cost Accounting Proofreading And Paper Editing Service

COAC216 Cost Accounting Proofreading And Paper Editing Service

COAC216 Cost Accounting Proofreading And Paper Editing Service


a) Discuss various approaches to performance evaluation and control in various types of organisations
b) Devise and evaluate simple indicators of performance.
c) Critically evaluate the uses of managerial accounting information for strategic decision making in various business contexts.



In the world there are organizations that stresses more on the use regarding the sustainability of business that practices the survival strategies for overall development as well as growth.  The need of external competitive environment that caused the requirement of an organization to proceed out their business activities in such manner that they ensure social, economic as well as environment development. Sustainability suggests for industries to deliberate the long-term influence of their working doings as well as includes the usage of such performs that maximizes the comforts of all its shareholders. The report presents the strategic of Westpac Banking Corporation. The bank has been in the news form past many years. The report covers the aspect of managerial practise, the accounting tool, the sustainability as well the vision of the bank. The report is concluded with the recommendation on management accounting tool.

Background Of Westpac Corporation Bank

In the year 2014, World Economic Forum had given reorganization to Westpac Corporation as a leader in the list of ‘Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World. The business is characterized as one of the most important public bank of Australia. It is indulge in in case that banking as well as fiscal facilities to around 13 billion consumers globally. The bank has achieved the fame of leader by generating long-term value to the consumers, stakeholders in long-term, employees, as well as community. Westpac has industrialised and continued a work values of enterprise communal, ecological and commercial accountability to generate a maintainable future. The combination of sustainability as an important part of its occupational policy has allowed Westpac to make the most of its presentation by endorsing its goodwill globally. (2017).

Establishment Year

Westpac Corporation was established in the year 1817. It headquarter is in Westpac Place at Sydney, in Australia.

Vision And Mission

The vision of the corporation is emerging as the world`s highest fiscal service provider, that helps consumers, society, as well as helping people in prospering and growing. The mission statement stated that it has aim to be recognized as the leading fiscal service provider in the markets of New Zealand as well as Australia. This mission as well as vision declaration is suitable for the institute that it permits the company to contend in the banking industry constructively. (2019).

Managerial Highlights

  • It is the first bank that is supporting the Green Challenge Plus package hurled by Australian government, goals at decreasing the radiation of greenhouse gases on or after the nation’s manufacturing sector.
  • The bank has sprang a ‘Social Change Fellowship Program’ in order to aim for improving the well-being of the citizens by inculcating a confident socialising change. This platform is targeted at as long as chance to the Australian people to travel their possible over and done with registering in a modified plan that will advance their services as well as aptitudes.
  • It is enthusiastically convoluted in emerging comprehensive substructure, stimulating admittance to education as well as enlightening the condition of living in these zones.  Westpac has presented a micro-business advances plan that goals to deliver reserves to the corporate units in these extents that does not contests the conventional advancing criteria.
  • By abiding the standards of Code of Conduct bank sustains with the suppliers. Both bank as well as the suppliers follow the Code of Conduct. This results in gaining the trust as well as maintaining the interest.
  • Westpac also obeys positively with all the constitutional necessities of New Zealand (NZ) has consequently recognised its subordinate in the nation ‘Westpac New Zealand’ for providing its monetary as well as financing services to the clienteles of New Zealand.
  • The operations of bank are supervised as well as monitored by the US Federal Reserve and International Banking Act (IBA).
  • . IBA act upholds that overseas banks are not permissible to found a subdivision in the US deprived of procurement permission of the US Federal Reserve.

Product And Services

  • Bank Account
  1. Everyday Account
  2. Savings Account- A stretchy investments explanation along with bonus interest for steady savers that ropes together long as well as short term savings goals.

Online saving rate is 2.01 percent that is for five months as an introductory fixed rate. 0.50 percent as the standard variable rate. Total variable interest is 2.30 percent if the bonus criteria is met along with different criteria of bonus rate for different time period.

  1. Term Deposit with different interest rate for existing customers as well as new customers.
  • Home loan with different interest rate and a premium advantage.
  • Credit Cards wide range with different benefits added to each one it.
  • Personal Loans- a wide group of funding is being provided under this head with different criteria such as holiday, car, consolidate debt, renovate and wedding.


  • Insurance- life, income Protection, Credit Card and loan repayment, Home, travel and car insurance service is being provided under this division.
  • Shares and Investing- has wide range of portfolio as well as provides Self-Managed Superannuation Fund.
  • Merchant Services.

Key Performance Information

  • The statutory profit was lifted by 7 percent from growth crosswise through their business of banking.
  • Selling of investment bought the bank a gain of $279 million.
  • Cash earnings performance stood up to 3 percent more as compared to 2016.
  • Net interest income resulted to 2 percent higher in spite the growth of bank was reduced according to the Bank Levy.
  • The revenue was impacted by the $95 million because of Bank Levy. This decreased the cash earnings by $ 66 Million in the full year 2017.
  • Net interest income resulted to 2 percent. Net operating income rise to 2 percent because of declination in non-interest income.

Value Chain

  • Fund raising- the goal of bank is to find out the reasonable way of raising the funds for the adequate of time. Basically banks raises fund from its own funds that is from the depositors saving accounts or if there is any term deposits.

Recently, Westpac has decided to increase the interest rate of the home loans having variable interest rate. It was done because the comprehensive cost of borrowing had started rising back. The role or job of the corporation is to admit the volatility that arrives in fiscal market near the funding cost.

  • Product including the service designed for the target market- the difference between the products or service can be decided dependent upon the resources.  Westpac has wide range of products that is suitable to all types of consumers.
  • Marketing- as competition in today time has been kept increasing, many financial institution as well as other banks have emerged. To compete with them and keep hold of the customer marketing is the important. Westpac believes in responsible marketing so it keep updating it customer to secure their rights. It has active as well as independent ombudsman or grievances consultants. Even they disclose their management performance to the customer in their reports.

COAC216 Cost Accounting Proofreading And Paper Editing Service