Coaching-in-Action Choose two coaches from the field trips, or one coach from the field trips and one coach with whom you are personally familiar. (If you do not have personal experience with a sports coach, your personal example may be an organizational coach.) You may utilize positive or negative examples of coaching. Compare and contrast the coaching of the two coaches, with the focus on your evaluation of the effectiveness of the coaches in helping players and the team achieve the ideal performance state. All of the material from the readings and class lectures, which has been covered up to this point in the course, should be integrated wherever possible. This includes the Kouzes and Posner leadership model, as well as the coaching models that we’ve covered so far. You should include a description of the coach’s style(s), in which situations certain styles are utilized, and anything unique about your particular coaches. Address the levels of the performance pyramid, as well as the ideal performance state of the individuals and the teams. Discuss any forms of interference experienced by the players and/or team, and if flow was achieved. You may also compare your coaches to other coaches we have studied in the course. Be sure to define the criteria you are using to evaluate the effectiveness of the coaches.

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