Columbine written by Dave Cullen, Religion


Using the book Columbine, written by Dave Cullen, write a 2 page essay typed in APA format using font Times New Roman and size 12, talk about how religion affects the lives of people in the city of Jeffco, Colorado before and after the Columbine massacre. Talk about how people use religion and faith as a way to cope during times of distress and pain and how the students of Columbine used religion, faith, and the churches of the city of Jeffco, as an escape and to be able to cope with what happened. Be sure to give your own opinion or personal experience and provide enough evidence to support your opinion or experience. You may use sources outside of the book but mostly use facts and evidence and statements from the Columbine book. Make sure to cite your sources in APA format as well. You can use from these sources as a guide to help you with this essay: (you can go through the website and look at the summaries and analysis of each chapter),

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Also when using the Columbine book for facts and statements and such, be sure to cite the book itself and what pages and chapters you used.