company description

company description

1. company description

A business description provides an overview of key aspects about your business, like what you do and what makes your business original.

Anyone reading your company description should have no problem understanding the scope of your business idea.

Lenders and investors should see how your business has a place in the market, as well as its benefits to future customers.

Your business description should be regularly updated as your business expands or changes.

2. market: is that the retail store or?

who are the competitors?

how fast it growth? ?

who is the biggest competitor?

how is the marketshare?

3. financial analysis: all rations

4. valuation of the company ?

predict in the future for 3 years from 2013 ?

cost of debt, interest rate ?

value of the operation ? value of the equity ?

stock price

Before you begin, you should decide whether you want to go with a traditional business plan format or a lean startup format.

The traditional format is appropriate if you want to have a comprehensive, detail-oriented plan, or if you are requesting financing.

The lean startup format is best for those who have a relatively simple business and want to start it quickly, or as a starting point for those who plan to refine and change the plan regularly.