compare and contrast akira kurosawa and hayao miyazaki s perspectives on one of the following based on your observations and impressions

DIRECTIONS: Using MLA formatting write a brief, 1-page maximum (10 – 12 point font) reflection essay on the prompt below. Cite any references according to MLA formatting (you will obviously cite the films and the textbook). This is a paper and must contain a beginning (introduction), middle, and end (conclusion). Do not simply answer the question. Post your paper in Canvas before the deadline.

FIRST: Watch the lecture video and read the Lecture Slides. Watch “Spirited Away” (2001, d. Hayao Miyazaki) and, if you haven’t yet, “Rashomon” (1959, d. Akira Kurosawa). Read Film Art pp. 369 – 400.

PROMPT: Compare and contrast Akira Kurosawa and Hayao Miyazaki’s perspectives on ONE of the following based on your observations and impressions:

    • Sacrifice for the greater good over self-preservation or selfishness
    • Concern for the welfare and dignity of persons
    • An individual’s actions can change the course of history for better/worse
    • Personal Identity
    • Value of Work
    • The Natural World as a Story Setting
    • “To act bravely even though nobody cares” or is watching.


  • Cite SPECIFIC examples from the film.
  • Write an introduction.
  • Conclude your thoughts.
  • Include a Works Cited page citing the films, the textbook, and any other sources you use.