Compare-and-Contrast paper of media system between UK and Brazil

Compare-and-contrast paper of media system between UK and Brazil  Please use a compare-and-contrast paper in the length of 8-10 pages, discussing the similarity and difference of the media system, including the Internet, film industry, newspaper circulation, social media platform, government interference, the freedom of media and etc., between UK and Brazil. 1) Introduction: The introduction of the paper should be a brief discussion of the main characteristics of the countries you are studying. Be brief (one or one and a half pages for the intro). If there is anything more in-depth to discuss about general issues, use the body of the paper to do so. 2) Main thesis: Your main research question or the main topic you are developing. Your central theory/argument generally goes at the end of the introduction. Do not wait until the conclusion to tell the reader what is your main topic (this is a common mistake). Revise your paper several times, and make sure your introduction guides the reader as to what are you going to do. 3) Body of the paper: You should start showing evidence to support your main claim. By evidence I mean your original research, statements or paraphrased ideas from other authors (you need to provide citations in correct APA style for everything that is not your own idea or analysis). Please, cite class readings as you use the concepts from them. Pages should be numbered. 4) Conclusion: Tie your conclusion back to your introduction and your thesis. Reflect upon the bigger picture of the paper and give the reader your reflection on what you just wrote. Any future recommendations, or final thoughts go in the conclusion as well. 5) Sources: please use the sources provided in the paper (no direct quote, at lease one paraphrase for each article) , and use any other credible sources that you find relevant, and cite as APA style. Preferred language style Simple (Easy vocabulary, simple grammar constructions) APPLY FOR THIS CASE