Compare/Contrast The influence of books to the influence of films — to violence etc

Procedure: Write a 5-8 paragraph essay (1000 word minimum) in which you compare or contrast a pair of the topics you select or, if you like, from the Comparison/Contrast Topics List below. Your essay will emphasize either comparison (similarities) or contrast (differences) between two different subject— but not both! You will analyze your two subjects and focus on two or three key elements or criteria as points of comparison or contrast. For example, if I wanted to compare dogs to wolves, some points of comparison I might use would be their social structures, their physical make ups, and their intelligence. If I wanted to contrast them, I might discuss their propensities for tameness, their typical interactions with humans, and their intelligence. Remember that there must be a purpose for your comparison or contrast essay. If you’re comparing your two subjects, your purpose will likely be to legitimize one of your subjects by comparing it to another subject, which is already appreciated by your audience, and your thesis should reflect that. If you’re comparing or contrasting your two subjects, then your thesis will make an assertion about the superiority of or preference for one of the two subjects. Following the structure of comparison or contrast writing, you should use transitions of contrast or comparison between the two items being compared. You may use outside or secondary sources. You may not cite Wikipedia or any other website which ends in .com, unless it’s a newspaper. Stick to .gov, .org, or .edu. You may also use sources found via HCC’s library (physical or online), but again, no .coms. In order to get full credit for sources, each source listed on works cited must be quoted or paraphrased at least one time in the essay. All in-text citations and works cited entries must be in MLA format. If secondary sources are used then a works cited page is required which lists all sources quoted or paraphrased within the essay. If your paper does not use ( in-text and works cited) works cited in MLA format, it will reduced 10 points