comparing working in florida quot and dumpster diving quot

A. The questions. There are four questions on page 160 of this URL online version of “Working in

Florida”; they are NOT on the handout version. Use these questions. Regardless. Respond to

them carefully and completely, and develop them as thoroughly as you would write an essay.

You could start by doing a rough draft of your response to each question. Then come back and

expand and develop your responses and well-described examples.


B. BUT use our handout version of “Serving in Florida” in “A, above,” for a fuller reading. You’ll

want the additional information in order to better answer the questions from the online version

(A, immediately above, page 160).

C. For “On Dumpster Diving,” use the link provided in the (newer) syllabus on Canvas; NOT the

opening Canvas page syllabus. Here it is again:…

If you experience challenges with the link, just use Google and the search terms On Dumpster

Diving. You want what is generally the first Google search entry: On Dumpster Diving – Scholar

Works at UMass Boston.