complete criminal law assignment due capella

i have attached my problem statement so please use this same topic and create the research question, hypothesis and thesis in a clear labeled summary

Research Question or Hypothesis

This assignment is a required part of your integrative project, but it is not graded.Your instructor must approve your research question or hypothesis before you move forward.

For this component, succinctly state your research question (your inquiry into the problem) or your hypothesis (your statement to be proven). The research question or hypothesis is the foundation on which you build your integrative project. Your instructor will review and approve your research question or hypothesis before you move forward in your project work.

Refer to the course project description for more context of how this ungraded assignment fits into your overall work for the course. Submit your assignment by Friday of this week (midnight central time), so that you can exchange feedback with other learners in an upcoming discussion.

Learning Components

This activity will help you achieve the following learning components:

  • Create a research question or hypothesis that is based on valid, reliable research.