complete short extra credit quiz troy

Click on the following link to download the case study on “The Mystery of the Dysfunctional Organelle.” Review the material. Don’t be alarmed, if at first the case seems too technical or scientifically advanced. Essentially all of the information needed to complete the assignment is contained within the case study; however, course material presented during Weeks 2 through 4 (such as cell structure and function, the cellular basis of inheritance, and patterns of inheritance) will also be useful in this review. At the end of the case, you will find study questions that can be used to prepare for the final submission for this assignment.

When you have completed your review, click on the following “Extra Credit Assignment One (Submission)” link. This submission is in the form of a quiz. You may attempt this quiz as often as you need to complete it, and you may revise your responses to improve your score until the due date.