complete short psychology powerpoint atc hurst

complete short psychology powerpoint atc hurst.

Content Project: Mental Health in the Limelight

Powerpoint Presentation – PSYC 1101

This project is about bringing awareness of an issue that all of us face. “There is no health without emotional health” (Mental Health America, 2013). We have learned thus far that our brain is the control center of our physical and emotional being and they both work together to sustain life. There has been a negative stigma attached to Mental Health for years because people fail to take the time to understand it. Psychological Disorders affect everyone, no matter an individual’s socioeconomic status, ethnicity, gender, age, etc. The media has helped with closing this lack of knowledge gap but self-education is so important.

For this assignment, you are to choose a psychological disorder from the Topic Sheet to research. You must also find someone in the media or “limelight” (TV personality, star athlete, musician, philanthropist and/or humanitarian, alive or deceased) that is suffering or has suffered from the disorder. Then prepare a minimum of 10 slides (PowerPoint) following the guidelines of the Grading Rubric. Your first slide should be your title slide (with your name and topic, etc.) and your last slide should be your reference/work cited slide.

Attach a copy of your PowerPoint slides to the drop box. Email or call if you have questions. Print the Grading Rubric out and have it with you while completing this project! You will need to cite your resources, there is a link in the Start Here folder that shows you how to do that.

complete short psychology powerpoint atc hurst