complete sociology two page essay hvcc

Assignment Interview

Instructor Calarco

This project is to be typed. It is an involved small research project and will take some time so begin as soon as possible. It will also count for two assignments.

The project concerns the types of qualities that people seek in a romantic partner.

1. Interview two people that are in a romantic relationship (they do not necessarily have to be heterosexual) SEPARATELY, and ask each of them what characteristics they desire in their ideal lover. They should describe such characteristics as physical appearance (height, weight, build, complexion, hair color, eye color, etc.), ethnicity, race, religious identity, sex, age, sexual orientation, education, intelligence, occupation or intended occupation, wealth, interests, values, leisure activities (sports, hobbies, etc.) and anything else that they think relevant. Write down the subjects’ responses. DO NOT WRITE DOWN THEIR NAMES or ANY IDENTIFYING INFORMATION.

In a 2 page essay:

2. Note the differences and/or similarities in the subjects’ descriptions of themselves and their ideal lovers.

3. On the basis of your data, would you say that “birds of a feather flock together” or “opposites attract,” or is some other conclusion warranted? Explain the reasons for your conclusion.