compose a formal paper to be assessed in the categories listed below 5 pages

go through this prezi for instructions:

watch the dance




Compose a formal paper to be assessed in the categories listed below. Please view the Concert Paper Grading Rubric for additional details.

Introduction (5 points)

• Note relevant details:
o Concert date and venue

o Dance title (italicized), performance year, choreographer, dance company, composer/musician o Please do not list each performer in the work for ensembles and larger groups.

Two Dances: One from each half (10 points)

• Select two dances: one dance from before intermission and one dance from after intermission

Movement Description (30 points)

• This paper should demonstrate your most clear, vivid description of the dance, as it is the culmination of developing the ability to speak and write about movement.

o Utilize the descriptive language of the 8 Laban Effort Elements. Capitalize the Laban Effort Elements.

Production Details (10 points)

• How do the costumes, music, staging, and lighting play into the presentation of the choreography? Interpretations/Connections (20 points)

• How do the elements that you described lead you to a conclusion (or an educated guess) about the 1/15/20

Collin College
Dance Appreciation 2303 Cardwell-Wilson

meaning of the choreography?
• How are the two pieces that you chose situated within the concert in relation to the other works

performed? What roles do they fill?

Conclusion (5 points)

• Conclusion effectively closes the paper and leaves the reader with a final impression.

Editing (10 points)

  • Paper has paragraph breaks.
  • Writing exhibits proper grammar and spelling. Ask someone to proofread your paper before you submit it, and/or submit your paper to the Writing Center.
  • Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced, one-inch margins. Submit as .doc or .PDF only.
  • Place the following double-spaced heading in the top left corner of your paper: Your name
    Dance Appreciation 2303.section # Date

read the pdf below to see the examples

send to me in a word doc