Computer technology and the networked organization

Computer technology and the networked organization Module 3 “ SLP Computer technology and the networked organization This assignment is different from the previous ones. This time, you’re going to create your own web content. For this assignment, you are to try to create your own wiki and focus on discovering and understanding benefits of this contemporary content delivery tool. This reading will give you some ideas of the use of wikis within organizations: Grace, P. L. (2009). Wikis as a knowledge management tool. Journal of Knowledge Management, 13(4), 64-74. Retrieved from One popular site that allows you to create your own personal wiki is: Other similar sites are listed here: If for some reason you cannot create your own wiki, you can also look for existing wiki sites for evaluation. Here you have a nice list of them: Then write a 2-3 page paper, structured as follows (use these headings): ¢What is a wiki and how can be useful for an organization? ¢Select ONE of the products that allows you to create a wiki and describe it in detail. ¢Identify ONE organizational goal that would be supported by this wiki. ¢What features would you offer in the wiki to support that organizational goal? ¢How this is related to the learning objectives of this module? SLP Assignment Expectations Your assignment will be graded following these expectations: ¢Precision: the questions asked are answered. ¢Clarity: Your answers are clear and show your good understanding of the topic. ¢Breadth and depth: The scope covered in your paper is directly related to the questions of the assignment and the learning objectives of the module. ¢ Applicability: once you complete the practical exercise, such as the visit to a web site or program testing, you correctly relate it to the theoretical concepts and the learning objectives of the module. ¢Your paper meets the page requirements not counting the cover page or the references pages. When your paper is done, send it in. Module 3 “ Background Computer technology and the networked organization Required Reading Breeding, M. (2013). Designing and Building the Best Small Office Network From the Ground Up. Network Computing. Available at Network Structure: CISCO (2010). Internetworking Technology Handbook. Retrieved from Securing your network with Policies and Procedures: Ten steps to securing Networks: Sociotechnical systems in the 21st century: Socio-Technical Systems. (2014). Socio-Technical systems engineering handbook. Large Scale Complex IT Systems. Retrieved from Optional Reading Finney, R. (1999) The Politics of Information and Projects. ITMWEB White Paper. Retrieved 2010, from Schuman, E. (2005) The CIO Who Admitted Too Much. CIOInsight. Retrieved 2010, from Strassmann, P.A. (n/a) The Politics of Information Management: Policy Guidelines. Information Economics Press. Retrieved 2010, from Strassmann, P.A. (2005) Check: How to Verify if You are Important. CIOInsight . July 8, 2005. Retrieved October 15, 2007, from Gulledge, T.R. and Haszko, R.A. (N.D.) The Information Technology Enabled Organization: A Major Social Transformation in the U.S.A. George Mason University. Retrieved 2010, from Optional Supplemental Materials Click the link for Optional Supplemental Materials.

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