Concept Analysis paper for the nursing theory class

 Concept Analysis Paper based on ” Quality of life of patients in the nursing home” article. Basically,  talk about attributes, antecedents and consequences, empirical referents from this article in my own words. Also, include 1 model case from this article ( rewrite it in my words) and to include my own experience as the nurse working in the hospital ( which is would be related, similar to model case from the article). Find “quality of life” meaning from 3 disciplines including nursing. 2 other disciplines can be medicine and psychiatry. Have to compare and contrast from 3 disciplines. Important: Our professor wants us to define meaning of “quality of life” from dictionary before writing about 3 other disciplines ( it can be from or oxford). This paper 5 pages long double space with 5 references in APA format ( 6 ed.) excluding top page and reference page. When using text citations,please paraphrase writers’s words and put page number after each time using author’s words, no quotes please in the paper.