Concept of Personal Space

Hello,hope you are having great night.Please check the Proposal document and B.A document in upload files.Thank you . FONT DETAILS The font size should be 12pt. font and 15pt. line spacing.It should be around 60,000 characters in length (including spaces and footnotes). This is the equivalent to 23-25 pages in an easily readable layout (12pt. font and 15pt. line spacing). You can use the design and typeface I send you in B.A file,you dont have to change it. CONTENT Its an B.A Thesis about Personal Space. My Abstract about the thesis We all have an invisible, protective bubble around us. Personal space, margin of safety, bad breath zone whatever you call it, we have it constantly switched on like a force field. It comes in layers, some layers close to the skin like a bodysuit, others farther away like a quarantine tent. And sometimes these layers only specify our physical personal space but furthermore its effects more than that, and my thesis first milestone starts at this point. While I am questioning“ What is the main source of personal space and why we need it?” I also going to support my analyses with searching Personal Space issue under the terms of “boundaries” and “border” cause while we living our life journey, we always facing a lot of social, political, ideological boundaries and while we facing them we always sacrifice our personal space. So, this study is expected to shed light on understanding different perspectives about how our personal space playing a role in social, political and ideological boundaries, also how to manage our struggle, during the time we sacrifice our personal space and control our decision mechanism.Within this, I want to solve the problematic side of the how personal space effects our life and our ego and learn how to balanced it. XYZ Formulation Of Thesis Iam working on the topic of Personal Space cause, I would like to find out how personal space relates to boundaries so that, I can help other people to manage their struggle after sacrifice their personal space. OBJECTIVES Theoretical: My theoretical objective is to gain different perspective about how our personal space playing a role in social, political and ideological boundaries; also how to manage our struggle, during the time we sacrifice our personal space and control our decision mechanism.I want to discover our personal space and figure out to make connection with our personel space in our inner world.For the conclusion I want to help others to understand the borders of our personal space and how to embrace it. Creative: My creative objective is to design booklet about visualizing our struggle during the time, we sacrifice our personal space with digital art and photography. Also, I want to make a short video by interviewing a lot of different people from different backgrounds and show the meaning of personal space that hidden under the consciousness, occasionally rising into awareness. Additionally , Iam planing to make installation to make people embrace and understand the issue of personal space and borders. METHODOLOGY AND RESOURCE PLANNING I will examine the concept of scientifically searched “Personal Space”,under the title of the social and daily life, also I will collect series of analysis from my examination, then I will search my examination trought the individuality and psychology. Thereby,in my method of examine the concepts of personal space,I will divide my research into 3 parts; scientifically,socially&daily and personal&psychological. Scientifically My first step will be search about the terminological meaning of “Personal Space” then read about “Proxemics”” which is scientific study of human use of space. Proxemics is a field of psychology and communication science so I have to search libraries,e-books,academic archives,documentrairs and other resorces that includes these two field in their catalogue. Library of “Social Sciences and East European Studies of the Freie Universität Berlin” and “Institute for Media and Communication Studies” can be really strong example for the library around berlin which is includes psychology and communication science in their English Catalogue.These two Institute is really rich in resource variety so I will start my research journey from these two libraries. Socially&Daily To search and observe how the concept of “Personal Space” playing active role in social and daily life,I have to find resources related to Sociology or social-psychology field. Oxford-Handbooks have really big online platform about Sociology books, so for this research step I will use . Personal&Psychological I will move on my research in psychology field.Then I will minimize my research to the artists and artistic works related to these scope in history and todays world.So in the light of these searching plan,I need to access the articles-medias from online and library catalogs. FIRST CHAPTER CHAPTER 1 1.Personal Space 1.1 Introducing the Concept of Personal Space “Personal Space” is invisible and protective bubble around the body which is divide the person from others.Like this most common and basic definition of Personal Space, mostly the physical world of Personal Space is the most visible part of the issue.But to understand the real journey of Personal Space, seeing Personal Space as “Second Skin” either then “Protective Bubble” is the right way to start.Personal Space is like second skin ,it comes in layers, some layers are close to skin like bodysuit, other farther away like quarantine tent.And this layers also connected to layers such as Proxemics, Neuroscience, Zoology, Sociology, Psychology, Biology and many others.