condition and correct 10mins ppt presentation and cheat sheet

!!!My chosen topic is foot and ankle!!!

I need powerpoint slides+cheat sheet to explain the powerpoint (10 mins length). Simple Language Please!


Save as group PowerPoint BUT each person send me the slides you did separately (NOT as a link in Googledocs) Save as an attachment – use proper way to name files and way to email. Help each other – practice with each other. You can face-time or if you have an account zoom. I will give some time in class Tuesday to begin to work in class – to organize who does what for the group part. Start now on the other parts – prepare to ask questions Tuesday. Percentages below relate to content and presentation.

  1. As a Group – Background Anatomical Structures related to your group’s presentation. This includes bones, ligaments and other connective tissues, muscles, and actions in relationship to the selected region. The background should be brief but help provide information to understand factors involved in the issues each person of your group has. (Each person needs to contribute to the presentation and who gathers what images/slides). Put YOUR NAME on the slide/s you create. The background should help provide information to understand factors involved in the issue you have. (If your issue is related more to tension in certain muscles that person picks those muscles to talk about. If it has to do potentially with sprains and thus possible ligament damage that person talks about the ligaments. If it has to do with bone alignment that person introduces the bones. Ideally present bones first, then ligaments as they attach to the bones, then the muscles and finally the nerves. Use images on slides that can help you easily talk about the structures involved in your issues. (15%)
  2. Individually gather information and analyze possible reasons for your pain, issues, or what is involved in your goal. Briefly present YOUR individual issues that occur in the selected region, within the group presentation: the history of it (and/or reason it was important to you to pick it for this project), your research of possible syndromes, injuries and more serious potential issues, if not addressed. Include aspects of your life outside of class. See the muscle list from class, textbook, and instructor. Find image/s on the internet to more easily and quickly present the material. See the research material on Canvas, and instructor. – cite website sources/URL on slides (20%).
  3. Individually – Each of you present potential ways to improve your issue – briefly. Solutions, resolutions, ways to improve/progress. As mentioned in class already – you should be keeping a list of exercises for your 3 goals and practicing them outside. Research traditional and alternative methods and/or treatments to help, you can speak of relaxation, massage and class exercises and progress in terms of what you’ve learned that has helped your particular issue/s. Future plans. – cite website sources/URL on slides. (20%).
  4. Create 1 new exercise or new version of a class exercise (NOT massage, though you can use in #3. Teach this to the class/videotape (Depends on time)– Prepare and be able to teach the set-up, the alignment, the actions/paths of movement, what should be moving and stabilizing, steps, which muscles are being used, where is the contrast? Select the breathing pattern, what is the intended goal/benefits of the exercise and the counter balance stretch to re-length the muscle. How do you present the exercises so students can do them well. You can draw pictures with arrows, pull from the internet or text book, give a brief handout, slides. Practice by videotaping yourself or teach a family member to provide a way to teach quickly but effectively. Think of the different methods to provide names or come up with your own and explain why you chose the name. Plan corrections . See instructor for help. Presentation and correction of exercise (25%)

PowerPoint Rubric – Creative/Innovative Slides that have logical order; Use of bullets without excess text, Text is easy to read and relevant- Font size and Bold, highlight, color; Covers areas above but it SHOULD BE AN OUTLINE – NOT everything you will say.

Presentation Rubric – Shows practice and knowledge of PowerPoint material being presented -“off-book” versus reading from slides. More points for clarity, creativity/expression and mastery. (Be yourself – remember this explains your history and past which you know plus research. Help with pronunciation and additional support will be given in-class, if needed. Prepare notes/notecards and turn these in.

Slide preparation and notecards (10%)

Additional contribution/s to the group and creativity (10%)

Here is a summary document: Details and Rubric S20 project rev.pdf