consumer behavior essay 1

Length: 750+ words. Remember, 750 words is a minimum. Don’t let it hold you back from writing more than that—unless you want the minimal grade. Be thorough and complete.

Topic: Your textbook discusses the concept of Semiotics on pages 96-98. It concludes with a figure showing a semiotic relationship for Marlboro cigarettes (figure 3.4 on p98). Find an ad for a different product, decide what you think the semiotic relationships are (there can be more than one), and explain it/them to me. Make sure you include a link to the ad.

Objectives: Using concepts we have studied in Modules 1 and 2, examine your personal Vals2 results. Explain your results given the answers you gave. How accurately does Vals2 describe or explain some of your own consumer behaviors.

Your paper should include some kind of direct references to course concepts. Terms that you use should be highlighted. Your paper will be graded based on the number of terms you use and the accuracy with which you apply