Corporate governance and firm’s financial performance: A comparison between UK and German banks


1) Intro for the literature 2) multiple definitions for corporate governance from different researchers and authors 3) importance of corporate governance 4) corporate governance in the UK 5) corporate governance in Germany 6) mechanisms of corporate governance (board of directors, audit or auditors, ownership) 7) agency theory (and then talk about agency theory point of view in corporate governance) 7.1) talk about three agency cost (monitoring, bonding, residual) 8) intro and definition about financial performance 9) talk about the relationship between corporate governance and financial performance in general then mention previous studies that talk about this relationship 10) define return on investment (ROI) then mention previous studies that talked about using ROI in the same context of this study 11) contribution for the study 12) variables of corporate governance 12.1) Audit committee size 12.2) Audit committee meetings 12.3) Audit committee independence 12.4) Audit Quality 12.5) Institutional Ownership 12.6) Board of directors’ size 12.7) Board of directors’ independence (define each variable and talk about it in the context of this study using previous studies and in reliance with previous studies.) *** Important: include a lot of in-text-citation in this way If it’s one author: (Family Name of Author, Year) If it’s two authors: (Family Name of Author1 & Family Name of Author2, Year) If it’s three or more authors: (Family Name of Author1 et al., Year) .Thank you