correct three little things about this writing very easy and very fast to do

To do this you have to read a small story called “Good Country People” by Flannery O’Connor.

The paper right now is a 90/100 only change this small thing will make the A.

You have to This is from my professor:

You have to change this and put it on the paper:

WOW, Iker–you wrote thoughtfully and convincingly!!


Expand your analysis of Manley Pointer. He deserves a paragraph, I think.

I’ve always thought Hulga got out of that barn somehow, especially with her spunk.You write about her possible demise.Consider incorporating her escape, too.

You’ve already noted a contrast between monstrous characters and truly evil ones. But do you think Hulga might have grown because of her encounter? Can a spiritual understanding arise from such encounters? This is speculation, I know, and out of the parameters of the actual story. But it’s probably worth considering, especially since the writer was herself a really spiritual person.

Have someone help edit this for errors, so they won’t detract from your final paper.