corrections 10

You may submit corrections to up to 5 multiple choice questions from Exam 1. For each question you must:

  1. Paste the question
  2. Paste your original answer
  3. Write an explanation of why your original answer was wrong and why the correct answer is write. You must include sufficient detail to demonstrate your understanding. Below is an example of a response with sufficient detail.


  1. Question: A scale measures 10lbs above the actual measurement regardless of the item you put on it. Which of the following is true?
  2. My answer: The scale has high validity
  3. Correction: This answer is incorrect, because validity refers to the accuracy of a measurement, and if the scale is measuring 10lbs off, the measurement is not accurate. The correct answer is “the scale has high reliability,” because reliability refers to the consistency of the measure. If the scale is measuring 10lbs off every time, this is a consistent measure.

Please try to use simple explanations and simple grammar as my first language is not English.

The questions that are wrong already have the correct answers at the bottom.

You must retype the question and it must match the example above