costumes help to establish character we make assumptions elements of thought about characters based on what they wear

Costumes help to establish character. We make assumptions (Elements of Thought) about characters based on what they wear. We are led to believe that they are modest or flamboyant, messy or meticulous, introverted or extroverted. We can make assumptions about the character’s career, beliefs, gender identity, or ethnic group. We make these assumptions as audience members just as we do in daily living. Designers are aware of our human tendencies and pay attention to these inclinations when constructing their designs. Have you ever been mistaken as belonging to a member of a group with which you have no association just because of the clothing you were wearing at the time? How did you respond to the mistake? Did the experience encourage you to consider the social impact of apparel choices? If you have never had the experience personally, did you ever mistakenly classify someone else who was wearing clothing which you associated with a particular group? Again, did the experience lead you to reconsider any innate prejudices you may have had regarding clothing? If you have not had this experience in real life, have you been “misled” in a film or play by a character’s attire? Do you suppose that the designer or director may have purposely misled you? If so, was the ruse effective? Explain. Include a primary post and two response posts.