could anyone help me to write an essay

Hi, can you help me to write an essay? It needs you to read the novel “Passing” by Nella Larsen and an article at first. I will give you these by sending you pictures. Please just read “Passing” on these pictures or buy the paperback version because this essay needs you to quote, and I didn’t find any appropriate electrical versions of this novel on the Internet. It only has paperback version, it is on red cover. You could find it here:

Here are the requirements for the essay:

This essay will ask you to analyze Nella Larsen’s short novel Passing within the social, literary, and/or historical context of the Harlem Renaissance. The topic bank for this essay (below) will give you multiple avenues for framing and discussing your own question about this novel.

Topic Bank:

Please conduct a thematic, cultural, narrative, or character analysis of the novel using one of the following topics as a framework of analysis.


-Gender, Race, and Class (in Harlem society, or the U.S. more generally)

-Beauty, Desire, Sexuality

-Appearances vs. Realities


-Character Profile (Social, Psychological, Relational, etc.)

If you would like to pitch your own topic, that’s great too! Please email me for approval by Friday 2/14.

The Nuts and Bolts:

Your final draft should 3.5-4 pages in length, and should use a mix of short citations (2-4) and passage analysis (at least 1 passage of 3 sentences or more). I will also ask you to incorporate at least one quote or paraphrase from one of our secondary readings on the Harlem Renaissance from the Poetry Foundation or Langston Hughes. This contextual quote or paraphrase should be used to identify/cite the historical, cultural, or artistic context of your analysis.

In total, your essay should use should demonstrate that you have read the novel in its entirety, and that you are able to develop a cogent, succinct, and persuasive analysis using evidence from the text.

Your quotes must include accurate MLA style citations for full credit. Example: “This is my brilliant quote” (27).

Please make this essay worth high scores! Also, although I give you 7 days to finish, please finish it as soon as you can, because I need to share my ideas of my essay in next week. Thank you so much.