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Question: Simulation models are used in many disciplines. Identify two simulation models in the IT discipline and discuss the following:

1. Methods used for development

2. Framework or tools uses for development

3. Examples of use

4. Transferability

5. Limitations

Your paper should be approximately 500 words and demonstrate proper APA formatting and style. Include a cover page with your name, assignment title, and page number in the running header of each page. Your paper should include a minimum of four references from your unit readings and assigned research; the sources should be appropriately cited throughout your paper and in your reference list. Use meaningful section headings to clarify the organization and readability of your paper. Review the rubrics before working on the assignment.


Features and Added Value of Simulation Models Using Different Modelling Approaches

Computer simulations have become an integral part of policymaking. This module presents a comparative analysis of simulation models along with modelling theories.

TextBook: Janssen, M., Wimmer, M. A., & Deljoo, A. (Eds.). (2015). Policy practice and digital science: Integrating complex systems, social simulation and public administration in policy research (Vol. 10). Springer.