CP5310 E Business Technologies

CP5310 E Business Technologies

You are required to research and write a report on an e-business topic. This is NOT a team work and the assessment
o report: 10% due in Week7 to Week9
Report should be of approximately 2000-3000 words.
Use 12pt font, 1½ or double space.
Front-end: Select one of the followings:
• Node.js
• AngularJS
• ReactJS
• VueJS


As long as the technologies is developed more and more, it is worth to use these developments for the increase in business of a country and so most people are willing to understand and enhance how it is implemented in doing business electronically.
Mobile commerce is extended from the e-commerce which is variated from e-business technologies. Additionally, mobile commerce is also standing in the high demand for the advancement of economic growth in developed and developing countries.
This research will describe about the mobile commerce technology and its application services which are already familiar to people. The main objective of the research report is to go forward the future using the advanced technologies in efficiently and effectively.


Most of the researchers described mobile commerce is the process of buying and selling the products and services through the mobile handheld devices. Moreover, it is also used for doing the action of payments for the services using these portable mobile devices.
These mobile hand held devices help to go forward the future e-commerce, which use the basic features of electronic sales and commerce, because of the combination of mobility designs and wireless technology.
Undoubtedly, IT is a key to success and further advancement of any country.
It plays in a greater role for both of developed and developing countries and so it is important to take advantage of this opportunities in order to encourage the long term running in the growth of economic of a country (Yugay, Semyonov & Abdullaev, 2007).
In this kind of case, e-commerce which contains the e-business technologies in processing, can support the enhancement of the economy in general. Apart from this stage, mobile commerce is designed to be more innovative and potential in order to get the purpose of the success
E-business technologies 6(2007) stated that selling physical goods such as gifts, perfume and tickets via mobile network becomes more and more in a familiar way in these days. Moreover, nowadays, most of the people are interested in spending a large amount of money on ring tones, graphics, mobile games and other digital gadgets. For these reasons, many researchers concerned that mobile devices will definitely contain as one of the most ubiquitous things in the usage of daily lives (Duryee,2007).