cpt assignment 1

Please follow the instructions carefully.

Courses : Cyber Security and Project management.

Question1 : Courses I Am Taking This Term — Describe about cyber security and project management in 2 paragraphs each in 125 words.

Question 2. List Outcomes from Your Eight-Week Course – – List the outcomes (objectives) as written in the course syllabus from the eight-week online course.

In this write a each 150 word description on cyber security and project management objectives.Cover below topics for cyber security.

Information security ● Web security ● Application security ● Mobile device security ● Email security

Question 3:

  • Apply Your Work Experiences to The Course – Correlate your job responsibilities with the eight-week online course outcomes listed above.

In this write about how cyber security and project management knowledge applicable to my Job experience .I am working as a .net developer so dont just describe the course write it in a real time perspective.

words :300