create a gannt chart

* All documents needed to create Gannt Chart are attached. This project is opening up an averaged size 24/7 coffee shop*

This is where the rubber meets the road. Take the elements you have created in past weeks and incorporate them into a Gantt Chart. This is the major planning chart you will use for your project. For this assignment, you may use Excel, Google Sheets, or any free online program to create your Gantt Chart, such as, or Office Timeline. If you create your chart with Smartsheet or Office Timeline, please include a link to the sheet

  1. Include the following six elements in your Gantt Chart:

    • Task ID
    • Task Name
    • Start Date
    • End Date
    • Duration
    • Color-Coded bar indicating task duration

  2. The Task ID and Name must appear as text elements (meaning not in the bar portion of the chart). If you wish to include the other elements as text, you may do so, but they are not required.
  3. Tasks must be presented in the proper sequence.
  4. In addition, please discuss your project’s critical path. Which major deliverables are on the critical path and which have float time? When you understand which tasks are critical, you can assign your more skilled resources to those tasks. Use APA format.